2011 Highlights

On the road we had 43 women participate in over 50 races.
Seven women went to State Championships and four participated in National Championship races.

Awards included:
2011 Voekl Cup Cat 3 Women’s Race Series:
7th – Katie Poinier

Cat 4 Women’s Race Series:
3rd – Anne-Marije Rook
4th – Lisa Coyne

In the 2010-2011 Cyclocross season, we had 27 racers participate in over 20 races.
Six women participated in State Championship races and seven races in National Championship races

On the mountain we had 13 women participate in 17 races including the Round the Clock 24 Hour Relay race. One women raced in a State Championship race.

BARR – Best All Around Road Rider of 2010

Masters Women A
- 1st – Lee Smith
- 2nd – Eden Palmer
- 10th – Beth Graff, Amanda McNabb, Heidi Gaertner, and Katie Poinier

Masters Women B
- 3rd – Beth Graff
- 9th – Heidi Gaertner
- 10th – Amanda McNabb

Women Cat 3
- 2nd – Amanda McNabb
- 6th – Tamara Donnelly-Glass

2009 Highlights

USA Cycling Women’s Club of the Year
Competed internationally in the UK and Belgium
Competed in national events throughout WA, OR, ID, CA and MN
Best All-Around Road Team, Cat 1,2: 3rd place

Best All-Around Road Riders: Jadine Riley, Judy Wexler, Lee Smith, Heidi Gaertner, Amanda McNabb, Kathleen Taylor, Tamara Donnelly-Glass, Carol Johnson, Eden Palmer, Beth Graff, Karen Wilkinson, Michele Pirkl

- 9 State Championship Victories
- 2 State Best All-Around Rider Victories, with 13 in the top ten

- World Championship 4th place: Masters Women (50+); 5th place (30-39)
- National Championship 3rd place: Masters Women (50-55); 5th place: (35-40)
- 1 State and 5 top ten series finishes
- 8 first place finishes
- 70 top ten finishes

- 57 race starts by 10 members
- 12 top ten finishes

- 8 race starts by 4 members
- 5 first place finishes
- 7 top ten finishes


World Solo 24 Hour Mt. Bike Championship
Kim Birgh-Pitkanen

Best All-Around Road Team
Cat 1/2: Jadine Riley, Dana Robertson-Halter, Izette Swan, Tricia Sandstrom, Carol Johnson
Cat 3: Lee Smith, Eden Palmer, Carol Johnson, Rachel Headley, Jen Akeroyd

Best All-Around Road Riders
Jadine Riley, Dana Robertson-Halter, Izette Swan, Eden Palmer, Carol Johnson, Jen Akeroyd, Amanda McNabb

State Team Time Trial Championship
Cat 123: Jadine Riley, Dana Robertson-Halter, Izette Swan
Cat 4: Heidi Gaertner, Amanda McNabb, Candace Parchen, Karen Blankenship
Masters: Justine Busse, Kim Shigenaka, MJ Redman, Karen Wilkinson

State Senior Games
Time Trial: Beth Graff
Criterium: Suzanne Bachelor

State Circuit Race Championship
Cat 1/2: Jadine Riley
Masters: Carol Johnson

State Stage Race Championship
Cat 1/2: Jadine Riley
Cat 4: Jen Akeroyd

Oregon State Mt. Bike XC Championship
Amy Krull


USA Cycling Women’s Team of the Year
2004, 2005

10 State Championship Winners
21 Medals

Best All-Around Road Riders
2007: Tricia Sandstrom, Izette Swan, Carol Johnson, Eden Palmer, Lee Smith
2006: Lisa Dunnwald, Jadine Riley, Mindy Ziffren-Hall, Eden Palmer, Kathi Jones