Congrats to our new WA State Cx Champion!

The WA State Cx Championships took place in Arlington on Sunday. While the fields were small, it was awesome to see so much teal and chartreuse out there.

Here are the Top 10s:

Cat 4:
1. Congrats to our new Cat 4 WA State Cx Champion, Ellie Booher!
2. Carla Brock
3. Clare Osborn (in her second ever race. And she was smiling and laughing the entire time!)
5. Adrienne Moore
6. Caylen Beaty
7. Andrea Imler

Single Speed:
6. Tricia Sandstrom

Masters 1/2/3
6. Karen Wilinson
9. Lisa Coyne

Cat 1/2
8. Anne-Marije Rook
9. Ellen Ruotsala