July Rider of the Month: Anne Stavrica

Anne Stavrica is our July Team Member of the month and Dream Clinic winner! Anne always has a great, positive attitude! And even though she has been on a long recovery due to an injury, she steps up and volunteers at many Thrive events and really participates with the team. She plans to be back on the road soon! A bit more about Anne,
  1. Age: 40
  2. Category & disciplines: Cat 4 Road
  3. Goals: 

a) To heal up from my injury & start competing in road races next season

b) To get more women & girls into competitive cycling , as it’s a wonderful outlet for growth, development, goals-setting, community, and competition. And women’s races are really fun to watch too. 

c) To get more women & girls riding bikes in general. Cycling is good for physical health, mental health, environmental health, public health, and community-building. And best of all, once you have a basic bike & helmet, #outdoorsisfree 

  1. I am a long-distance runner at heart who loves to run half-marathons. But I’ve  learned that the only thing more rewarding than a long run in my running shoes is climbing up a steep, long hill on my bike. The view, even on Zwift, is just so nice at the top!! 

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