June Rider of the Month: Malia Greening-Bechtel

Malia Greening-Bechtel is our June cyclist of the month and @dreamclinic Winner! Malia joined Team Thrive last year. She demonstrates great team spirt and is always one of the first people to step up and help organize big events. She is making her mark on the gravel scene and just completed her first mountain bike event, the 24 hour race in Spokane! A bit more about Malia.

1) age 44

2) current category and what disciplines

Road 2

Cyclocross 2

Mountain 3

3) goals

Try new events, do Wed Night Worlds with my family next year, get better at descending on gravel and not crashing (as much) in cross

4) a fun fact about you.                          I lived in Malaysia and taught 3rd grade.  I didn’t have a cell phone or a car, so I had to use my bike to commute-  even on the “freeway”. I won a duathlon and and was televised on National Geographic’s Adventure Race. Weird things about living there: I went potty in a bathroom that had a bee’s nest the entire size of the ceiling…didn’t notice til I had pulled my pants down.  In the adventure race, I had to swim in a swamp and ended up covered in leeches – also had to run over a python resting in the middle of our running path in the forest.  Stuck in a thunder and lightening storm in Indonesia while riding in a metal boat.

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