November Rider of The Month

Our teammate for the month is Tonya LeRoy! Tonya has been an absolute force on our team ever since she joined us 3 years ago. She has helped shape this team into what it is by volunteering as a Cat 4 road coordinator, planning our Seaotter trip in 2018 (and driving down with our bikes to Cali in a rental truck that smelled like an ashtray) and joining our Board. She’s our social media guru and the most eager-to-help person we’ve ever met. Her attention to detail, work ethic and general knowledge of all things Team Thrive makes her the glue that holds our Board together and we’re not convinced that she doesn’t have a twin who helps her because there’s no way one person can do all that she does. So congratulations, Miss November, enjoy your well deserved Dreamclinic Massage!!!
A bit more about Tonya:

1) age: 40

2) current category and what disciplines:

CAT 4 road, CAT 4 CX, sport MTB

3) goals:

Ultimately, to get fitter, faster, and stronger. I’d like to focus this year on more endurance dirt events; cross country mountain biking and gravel events.

It’s always a tough balancing act with a full-time job and kids, something that I am constantly struggling with. I have recently come to realize I need to stop comparing myself to others. Everyone has different lives and athletic abilities. So I guess really my goal is to be the best athlete I can be.

4) a fun fact about you:

I was raised “homeschooled” but the version of homeschooling I had was no education at all. I obtained my GED when I was 15 years old and put myself through college by working at a restaurant. I now have a job a truly love working as a Respiratory Therapist in a Neonatal ICU.

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