October Rider Of The Month: Kenda Super

Kenda joined Team Thrive in 2019. She loves the dirt but does excellent on the road as well. She’s a huge participant of the team, participating in races, Kaiser Permanente events, and many other team tasks.

A bit more about Kenda

1) Age – 43

2) Current category and what disciplines – Cyclocross – Cat 2, Mountain Bike – Cat 1, Road – Cat 3

3) Goals – Always trying to be faster, but I also love to share my enthusiasm for cyclocross, often with unsuspecting people. One of this season’s goals is a podium finish at Nationals.

4) A fun fact about Kenda – One of the first times I went mountain biking was around 2000 when my now-husband took me to Tiger Mountain. I was riding a fully rigid GT with rim brakes, wearing jean shorts, and tennis shoes. I don’t remember how hard it was riding up, but I definitely remember how sore my arms were from my death grip on the brakes coming down.

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