Ruth Gustafson elected to MVA Board

A huge congrats to TGH racer Ruth Gustafson, who was elected as a 2015 Marymoor Velodrome Association boardmember. Way to go, Ruth!

Sitting on the MVA board will be a great way for her to help  grow events like the Marymoor Grand Prix, Masters Nationals and our local weekly race series and classes. We’re certain Ruth will do great!

Learn more about the Marymoor Velodrome at


Meet the Dirt Team


Have you ever considered joining a women’s race team?

Team Group Health is recruiting new members for its 2014-15 dirt team (cyclocross and mountain bike)! We are open to all skill levels, abilities and fitness. Whether you are interested in improving your fitness, honing your technical skills, racing at a higher level or meeting more women to ride off-road with, we have something for you!

We offer fall and winter mountain bike rides, cyclocross and mountain bike skills clinics, weekly cyclocross practice and lots of riding in a casual, fun and supportive environment.

Come out to St. Edward Park in Kenmore on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 10 a.m. for a casual ride and meet some of the Team Group Health dirt team members! Cyclocross and mountain bikes of any kind are appropriate.


TGH wins team & indiv. BARR

386442_179108788845018_153213175_nIn February of this year, the women of Team Group Health kicked off the season with one clear goal in mind: to win Washington State Bicycling Association’s Team Competition.

And we did just that! Thanks to all our racers who came out to race and to support the team this season. And thanks to WSBA for the fun competition!

Additionally, a HUGE congrats goes out to Lisa Coyne and Anne-Marije Rook for winning the Best All Around Road Racer (BARR) competition in their respective categories!

Lisa Coyne who earlier this season won the State Championship Cat 3 Road Race won the Women’s Cat 3 BARR.

And Anne-Marije Rook, who won the Cat 1/2 State Championship Road Race in May, topped the Women’s Elite BARR.  As elite BARR champion, Anne-Marije will race with WSBA number 1 in 2015 and receive free entry in Washington races.

Congrats, ladies!


Sponsor Spotlight: Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria

pizzaWe love nothing more than to socialize and eat delicious food as we carbo-load before a tough race. So we couldn’t be more grateful to have Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria as a sponsor!

Driven by the desire to provide the definitive Pizza Napoletana experience, Tutta Bella is all about being authentic, and they strive to be the most respected Neapolitan pizzeria in the world.

They are certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and feature mouth-watering menu items like neopolitan meatballs, caprese salads, lasagna and, of course, a wide array of white and red sauce pizzas that even the President can resist. When President Obama visited Seattle 2012, he had Tutta Bella pizzas delivered to his Air Force One!

Learn more about Tutta Bella online on their website, facebook, Twitter and Yelp.


Sponsor Spotlight: Cascade Bicycle Trainers

Cascade Bike TrainersIt’s hard to believe but road season is just about over. This means that fall is just around the corner and so are indoor trainer workouts. Luckily, we have Cascade Bicycle Trainers as our sponsor, allowing us to train year-round, no matter the weather!

With a goal to be an industry leader, Cascade Bike Trainers provide innovative products that are affordable, easy to use and are guaranteed to improve functional fitness.  With over 25 years of experience in this industry, they are passionate about the belief that staying fit can help people live happier, healthier lives.
Learn more about Center Cycle on their website,


Sponsor Spotlight: Center Cycle

10394105_10201600175841070_8780163233883632749_nWe are so stoked to have Center Cycle as a sponsor of Team Group Health this 2013-14 race season, and not just because they let us host team parties in their shop!

Around since 1974, Center Cycle is a Renton-based store with helpful staff, great service and massive inventory. They also offer expert bike fits and are a wonderful supporter of women’s racing.

Whether you’re looking for your kid’s first bike or your next racing bike, you’ll find it (and matching accessories) at Center Cycle.

Find more about Center Cycle on their website, on Facebook and on Yelp.


Sponsor Spotlight: Dreamclinic

A big Thank You to our sponsor Dreamclinic for supporting us yet another year.

Founded on the belief that all people deserve to have health and well-being, and that health and well-being are achievable goals, Dreamclinic makes it their mission to provide services and education that promote a natural approach to health, with massage being an integral component.

With locations in Seattle’s Greenlake and Queen Anne neighborhoods, Dreamclinic offers a range of services including wellness and specialty massage, on-site massage, medical massage, acupuncture and wellness workshops.

The ladies of TGH know that massages are a great way to recover from a hard day in the saddle, and the staff of Dreamclinic are some of the best in Seattle? In fact, Dreamclinic was awarded  Best Massage in Seattle 2013 on Citysearch – a testament that Dreamclinic by everyone who visits them.

To schedule your next massage, buy a gift certificate or simply learn more, visit

Also find Dreamclinic on Facebook,  Twitter and Yelp.


Mid season update: 3 State Champions!

TGH is out in full force at road and mountain bike races throughout the state and getting some great results, including three wins at state championships!

Back in April, Jadine Riley became the 2014 Masters State Champion by beating the Cat 1/2 competition at the Olympic View Road Race — the identified WSBA Master State Championship.

Then on June 14, TGH showed up looking for some hardware at the WSBA State Championship Road Race in Bellingham.

Lisa Coyne successfully outsprinting her Cat 3 competitors as did Anne-Marije Rook in the Cat 1/2 field to take home the state champion titles.

Congrats Ladies!



TGH president, Karen Wilkinson, was interviewed on CTS TV’s Joes vs Pros segment on completing ATOC while her son, Steve Fisher, races with the Jelly belly team:


Q & A with TGHer Karen as she rides the Tour of California


Our awesome club president, Karen Wilkinson is currently is California, riding the Amgen Tour of California. The only woman riding all the stages of the ATOC this year!

Here’s a quick Q & A with Karen after the first two stages:

- Tell us, what exactly are you doing at ATOC?

I am doing the Tour of California Race Experience, which is one of the bucket list events through Carmichael Training Systems. I am here with 16 men, Chris Carmichael, CTS coaches, four mechanics and four soigneurs. We ride all the stages leaving with a 3-4 hour head start and need to be off the course before the pro peleton catches us. We stay in the hotels along with the pro cycling teams and eat breakfast and dinner with them. They make us travel like them also, with our one suitcase and race bag each day. Each day ends with a massage and dinner/team meeting. The rides are supported with a follow car for neutral support. And after we finish each stage, we get to hang out in the VIP tent to watch the finish of each stage.

- That seems like quite a feat, what possessed you to do it?

I had a very hard year with career change, etc and decided I needed to do something big. [My husband] Dave and I were planning to go watch a few stages of the race if [my son Steve Fisher] got selected to race for Team Jelly Belly. When I started researching about pre-riding some stages, I found the bucket list application. I applied figuring they would just laugh but they called me to set up my interview and before I really thought about how hard it would be, they had offered me a spot.
- What  are your goals?

My main goal is to finish every stage and not have to get put into the sag vehicle for being too slow. Second goal is to get stronger on my climbing ability. Third goal is to keep up with some of the men. I am the second oldest rider however so that is a challenge. So far do good though as I finished with six of them.
-  Is it more exciting for you to be able to ride ATOC or to watch your son compete in it?

So far it has been really exciting to watch Steve as he is racing with some amazing pros like Wiggins, Sagen, Cavendish, Phinny, etc

- Hows it going to so far?

The first day was the longest day with 127 miles in heat and wind. Today was somewhat a rest day as we just rode 25 miles to the 12 mile TT. Stage 3 is probably the hardest day as it is the KOM day with two mountains for almost 11,000 feet of climbing with the forecast of 98 degrees. Stage six is another mountain top finish after 11,700 ft of climbing.


“View looking down from top of Mount Diablo waiting for the pros to come up. I made it up both climb for 108 miles and over 10,000 feet of climbing. They announced I was the only woman to ride the stage up and the noise of the thousands of people banging on the fencing and cheering was unreal. It took every last ounce of me to stay upright and not fall off my bike for the last 200 meters that was at a 19 percent grade!”

Karen, we are so proud of you! Go get ‘em, girl!


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