Remembering Ellie

Ellie stopping for hugs from her boys

                                          Ellie stopping for hugs from her boys

This weekend we were shocked by the news that former teammate Ellie Booher passed away on Friday after being injured in an avalanche while backcountry skiing in British Columbia.

Every memory we have of Ellie involves her smiling and trying something new. And usually winning at it.

When she joined Team Group Health in the fall of 2012, she jumped right into cyclocross and even ended up winning the State Champion title in her category that year.

When we talked her into doing the 24 hour mountain bike race in Spokane, we put her on the “A” team. Despite her vintage mountain bike, she helped the team finish on the podium. After (and sometimes during) each of her laps, her support crew of husband Chris and sons Jackson and Conrad were there cheering for Mommy. The hugs and laughter flowed freely.

Ellie had an inspiring way of balancing family and life. Instead of taking time away from her family to pursue her athletic goals, she brought them along and made it a family outing. It was so fun watching her lead her kids around a cyclocross course, carrying both their bikes and her own over the barriers. And, of course, always smiling.