September Rider of the Month: Lisa Coyne

Lisa Coyne is the Team Thrive August teammate of the month and @dreamclinic winner! Lisa is a great cyclist, participating in all disciplines and does very well in all of them. She is also a great teammate! Just recently she biked 200+ miles in one day, then did a full day of volunteering the next day at the STP finish line! Here is a bit more about Lisa,

1) Age – 60

2) Current category and what disciplines –

Road 3, Mtn 2, CX 3

3) Goals – Contact Martha Walsh to get my CX cat 2 upgrade for this season and to win CX Nats this year!

4) A fun fact about you –

On on of my first team training rides I crashed, knocked out a front tooth, found it on the trail and stuffed it back into the socket. After a few weeks in a tooth splint it healed and I still have the tooth!

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