Our Sponsors

We are sincerely grateful to all our sponsors for their generosity and sharing our vision to enhance the sport of women in cycling. Thank you!


With the help of our title sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, we are able to reach our common goal of raising public awareness of the health benefits of cycling and leading an active lifestyle. A focus on cycling, with event sponsorship and promotion of bicycle safety, is a natural part of Kaiser Permanente's long-standing commitment to the well-being of the community. We are proud to be bicycle and health ambassadors for Kaiser Permanente, the largest not-for-profit health plan providing coverage to more than 11.3 million members.

The Colavita family traces its roots to the small town of Sant'Elia a Pianisi, in the Molise region of Italy. It was there, four generations ago, that Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born. Over the years, the Colavita family became masters at the delicate crafts of "tasting" and blending extra virgin oils from different types of olives grown in Apulia and nearby regions. This skill enabled the family to produce 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil with a consistent fine quality.

Today Colavita brings you quality extra-virgin olive oil, including 100% Italian extra –virgin olive oil, however, the Colavita brand has grown to include many other quality specialty food products that are sold in over 60 countries. Colavita durum wheat semolina pasta, a full selection of balsamic and wine vinegars, traditional and organic pasta sauces, ready-to-serve soups and marinated vegetables, and olive-canola blended oils are the ingredients of choice for chefs in home, restaurant, and professional kitchens worldwide.
Colavita Store: http://store.colavita.com/

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Team Thrive is committed to promoting health, fitness and a competitive spirit thorough the sport of bicycle racing. We are looking to partner with like-minded companies who share our vision of promoting women in sport and healthy living. Sponsoring our highly-visible, award-winning team is a great way to advertise your business. By sponsoring a female-focused sports organization, you tap into a large and ever-growing market. As one of the largest all women's cycling team in the Pacific Northwest we are great ambassadors for your brand. In the Seattle area, tens of thousands of people see us every day as train together, compete, commute to work, and ride with our families.


If you are a business or individual interested in supporting our women’s team, please email us at: sponsorship@soundvelocycling.com