Team Thrive

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Team Thrive is a competitive women’s cycling team based in Seattle. Our objective is to promote women’s health, fitness and competitive spirit through bicycle racing. We’re one of the largest women’s cycling teams in the Pacific Northwest; with approximately 60 members, our team is a veritable force whenever the rubber meets the road, the track and the dirt.

Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of cycling among women in the PNW. We encourage teammates to participate in local, regional and national cycling competitions. We’re passionate about investing time to educate and train our members, as well as the community at large about the sport of cycling. You’ll also find us volunteering in the cycling community and at cycling-related events. Our focus on women allows us to direct our resources and energies on achieving new horizons for women in the sport of cycling, as well as differentiating ourselves amongst other NW teams.

We’re a significant and successful team that never forgets to have fun. Our roster welcomes new riders, developing racers and additions to our elite team. Learn more about joining our team.


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