Team Group Health is a significant and successful women’s team that never forgets to have fun.  Every fall, we welcome new riders, developing racers, and additions to our Elite team.

Our roster for 2014-2015 is closing. Thanks to everyone who came out to ride with us! 

Want to know more? Our membership coordinator would be happy to answer your emails or go for a ride with you!

Racer benefits:

We know that racing can be an expensive sport. To help offset the cost associated to training and racing, and to help athletes reach their potential, we offer a number of rider benefits. These benefits include scholarships, race reimbursement, structured team winter training, clinics, a mentor program and more.

Scholarships and Support:

For new Cat 4 racers:

- We recruit new riders with strong potential. In addition to our traditional recruitment and membership we offer a scholarship package to help support riders with strong potential that are eager to start racing.

How it works:

- The scholarship recipient will pay $200. In return, the scholarship recipient will receive a team membership, a team kit (jersey and shorts), a WSBA membership and USA Cycling license, and fve race entries (a total value of $450).

For returning members:

- We’re committed to strengthening existing the talent on Team Group Health through coaching scholarships. This application-based scholarship program will reward five recipients with a $500 scholarship to be used toward a coach or training plan of her choosing.  

For all:

More exposure and experience:
We want more of our racers to gain exposure and participate in important regional races. As such, we have a reimbursement policy to offset the costs of race entry fees, with a full reimbursement for targeted races in each discipline.

Beyond regional racing:
In 2015, we will support a strong Team Group Health presence at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA. This weeklong racing event provides opportunities to race road, mountain bike and cyclocross at all levels, as well as an opportunity to see some of the world’s top pros racing in the same disciplines.

Team Group Health is proud to be able to develop and support racers throughout their cycling development – our racers should aspire to and have access to the biggest races when they are ready. We would like to see our racers in the highest categories representing Team Group Health at races like Redlands Bicycle Classic, BC Superweek, Cascade Cycling Classic, Cross Vegas, North Star Grand Prix, and Leadville Trail 100.

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