Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We’re one of the largest women’s cycling teams in the Pacific Northwest; with approximately 50 members, our team is a veritable force whenever the rubber meets the road, the track and the dirt.

Gina Estep (President)

Road - Cat 3, Cyclocross - Elite, Mountain- Expert

Found the love of cycling through triathlon. My goal this season is to share the joy  of cycling with my teammates and have lots of successful races!

Olga Magun (Vice President)

Road-Cat 3, CX-Cat 4, Track Cat 3

Cycling has given me so much: a way to challenge myself, become part of a community, and share experiences with my 3 bike-loving boys and husband.

Tonya LeRoy (Secretary)

Road-Cat 5, CX-Cat 5, Mtn-Beginner

Mother of 2. Injured runner, turned cyclist. Trying stay fit while being a busy mom.

Niki Weiss (Treasurer)

Lifetime athlete who came to all disciplines in cycling from a love of cyclocross. Full time job, full time racing, full time life!

Faye Christenberry (Board Member at Large)

Road - Cat 3, Cyclocross - Elite, Mountain- Expert

A librarian by day, an elite cyclocross racer at night (in her dreams!).  Currently a Cat 4 racer but is working to upgrade in time to qualify for the Cross National Championships in Lakewood next year.

Nikki Mohrbacher

Cat3 Road; Cat4 cyclocross and track

I started cycling when I moved to Seattle 3 years ago and focus on road racing.

Ilon Logan

Road - Cat 5

Raced two seasons as a beginning road rider and hope to stay with the peloton a bit longer this year.  Mother of 6-year old Sara.  Lives, works, and plays in beautiful Ballard.

Liz Nettles

Road - Cat 2, Cyclocross - Cat 3 Mountain, Track- Cat 2

A mother to a 9yr. old daughter, 2 stepsons, wife & Real Estate Broker. She has been road racing on/off for 17 yrs & recently racing mainly cyclocross & focusing on improving her cross skills.

Karen Wilkinson

Road - Cat 3 , Cyclocross - Cat 2

A wife, mother of three grown boys, and a business owner who enjoys racing cyclocross and road. Hoping to get back on the bike for 2019 after a long two year absence.

Jodie Ramsey

Cyclocross Cat 3/4 45+ or 50+ and Mountain Sport and Expert Masters

This year I'd like to race/ride a few gravel fondos as well as a few of the NW Epic Series mountain bike races.  I plan to work on speed and endurance (not getting any younger) to prepare for 3-5 hour races. 

Mindy Ziffren-Hall

Road Cat 1

Co-founder of Sound Velo Cycling (Team Thrive), former cat 1 racer with over 10 years of race experience in every discipline but focused primarily on the road. Mother of two and healthy living coach teaching others how to create a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.

Ingrid Anne Stavrica

Road Cat 4

Student, director of small global health NGO, newer to cycling, and looking forward this cycling year to both helping out with Team Thrive events, races & team needs and to start racing myself! 🙂

Devon Simpson

Road - Cat 3 , Cyclocross - Cat 3, Mountain- Expert, Track- Cat 3

Bike nerd. Focus on enduros. The more down and tech the better!

Amanda McNabb

Road Cat 3, Cyclocross Cat 3.

A veterinarian who loves climbing mountains on bike or foot. A team member since 2005 serving as cyclocross lead with the goal of growing our team skills and vibe.

Linda Park

Road - Cat 4 , Cyclocross - Cat 4

I am rediscovering my passion for cycling and am looking forward to improving my fitness this year.

Nicole Swan

Road - Cat 4, CX - Cat 3 (local)/Cat 4 (USAC)

You’ll find me racing crits and ‘cross, commuting by bike year round, and riding gravel on occasion.

Rachel Wood

Road - Cat 3, Cyclocross - Cat 3

I started cycling as a commuter and found that I love the competitiveness and camaraderie of racing with a team. I'm working toward upgrading and continuing to develop my skills!

Julie Robertson Zivin

Cyclocross - 2, Road - 2, Track - 3, Mtn - expert/pro

I am a mother, partner and   physician who enjoys racing and riding my bike with affinity for dirt and mountains.

Ashlyn Talbot

Road - Cat 5 , Cyclocross - Cat 5, Mountain- Cat 3

I'm new to the world of cycling, but super excited to learn everything I can. Nervous means do it!

Lee Smith

Road - Cat 3 , Cyclocross - Cat 2, Mountain- Cat 3, Track- Cat 4

Co-parent of two young Dalmatians. Following a serious injury in 2014, I”m now focused on cyclocross and gravel races, and hope to do more mountain biking. 

Sharon Gregg

CX Cat 2, Road Cat 3, Enduro Cat 3, XC Cat 3, Track Cat 4

From a way to get to work 20 miles away in high school, touring across the state, challenging myself in a race, or just getting out in the woods, a bike for me equals freedom, comaradarie, and good times.  

Laura Fife

Road - Cat 4 , Mountain- Cat 4

I enjoy mountain biking and training on the road, but have been unable to race recently. I’m mostly the unofficial team doctor at this point.

Colleen Grygier

A mother to 1 little girl, who loves road racing and cyclocross, and is interested in trying out track.  Working to upgrade to Cat 2 Road in 2019

Malia Greening

Road - Cat 2 , Cyclocross - Cat 3

A school teacher and mother of two children and 3 rescue dogs who enjoys RV trips, cyclocross, and road racing, chocolate, Hawaii, beer...

Katy Anderson

cxr cat 4, road cat 4/5

New nurse practitioner and cycle tourist fairly new to racing. This will be my 3rd road and second cross season. Hoping to improve cross skills and general fitness over the cycling season.

Kim Birgh Pitkanen

I love endurance events. 24 hour Mountain Bike races and training rides are my thing. I mix it up some years and dabble in cross. out.

Kenda Super

Road Cat 3, Mtn Cat 1, CX Cat 2, Track Cat 4

I am a construction manager with a passion for all things biking.  I love the discovery and challenges that come with mountain biking and the competition and community of cyclocross. 

Christina Polwarth

CX Cat 3, XC Cat 1/expert, Enduro cat 2/sport, Road & Track Cat 5

I work for Crane Aerospace and Electronics where I design and develop electronic devices for space applications. I started riding for triathlon around 6 years ago and have broadened my scope over time. I look forward to racing with Team Thrive.

Jane Gregg

Endurance/XC Cat 2, Road Cat 3, Cyclo-cross Cat 4

Geotechnical Engineer who owes her love of cycling to her Mom! My 2019 goals are to get back into racing and to ride with an awesome, strong team.