Women of Cross, August 26th!

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Pre-registration fee $25, 2nd event $10, 3rd event free (must register on site for event #2 and 3 for discount)

Day of registration fee $30

Women: if you register for the clinic first, you can then use the discount code “clinic2017” to register for racing at the $10 2nd event price!

Pre-registration for the clinic is available at: https://www.usacycling.org/register/2017-2033

Pre-registration for the race is available at: https://www.usacycling.org/register/2017-2030

Saint Edwards Park address: 14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028  **Discover Pass REQUIRED for parking. (day passes are available onsite)

Event Permit #s: 2017-2030 (race) 2017-2033 (clinics)



We are now TEAM THRIVE

We are excited to announce that Sound Velo Cycling will take on the new name of “Team Thrive” representing the Kaiser Permanente brand. Kaiser Permanente is committed to the communities they serve and will continue to support our team as the title sponsor for the coming year and onward into 2018.  We are proud to be bicycle and health ambassadors for Kaiser Permanente, the largest not-for-profit health plan providing coverage to more than 11.3 million members.  Check out our new kits!TeamThriveJersey-front


USA Cycling 2016 Women’s Club of the Year!


Women – Sound Velo Cycling Club
“Sound Velo Cycling Club won Women’s club of the year for it’s extensive focus on community activities while also providing a platform for women to not only start racing, but excel at it. They participated in multiple volunteer days geared towards kids including Take a Girl Biking Day and YMCA Healthy Kids day. Outside of community involvement the club hosts training sessions in multiple disciplines as well as social gatherings that allow teammates to connect off the bike. We can safely say that their goal to promote and develop women’s cycling in the Pacific Northwest is already being accomplished.”



Meet the Team Group Health Dirt Team



Meet the Team Group Health Dirt Team

For ladies who like to ride in the dirt!  The Team Group Health Meet The Team Dirt Ride on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Saint Edward State Park (14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028) at 9:30 a.m.

Whether you already race in the dirt for cyclocross, or mountain bike, or are thinking about it, come and join us for a low key ride on some fairly non-technical trails through St. Ed’s. A cyclocross bike will work on these trails just as well as a mountain bike. Come find out what playing in the dirt is all about!

Remember that you need a Discover Pass to park at St. Eds. We will meet in the main parking lot that is just east of the seminary building. If you don’t have an annual Discover Pass, you can buy a $10 day pass from a vending machine there.  If you have any questions please email Annie at anniebp59 at gmail dot com.

If you can’t make it then, we’ll also have a tent at the MFG Cyclocross Race on Sunday, October 2nd at (Silver Lake) Thornton A. Sullivan Park, Everett, WA as well as members at the ‘Intro to Women’s Cycling and Racing Team Ride’ – a road ride on Sunday, October 2nd at 8:45am starting from Leschi Park (at the corner of Lakeside Ave South and East Yesler Way, Seattle, WA.

Come Meet Team Group Health!



Team Group Health is leading off the Meet the Team Road Rides this Saturday, September 10th! Do you know of any women interested in racing or interested in checking out Team Group Health?

Team Group Health (TGH) is an all-women team that carries about ​65​ riders on the roster each year of all sizes, ages, and abilities. TGH has a strong contingent in Road, Track, Mountain, and Cyclocross. We are looking for some women new to racing as well as current cat 123 and cat 4 racers. The team is committed to developing strong, safe riders ready to race in all disciplines and has the experience to share with a strong history of being given the national title “Best Team” by USA Cycling ​three​ times and ​two time ​WSBA women’s champions. There are a number of racing scholarships available for women new to road racing this year.​​

Seattle rides will meet at 9:15 at Leschi Park, 201 Lakeside Ave S, Seattle 98122, with the rides departing at 9:30 and proceeding at a social, “no drop” pace around the south end of Lake Washington and returning across I-90 to Leschi.

These are social rides, at a conversational pace, around the south end of Lake Washington. Allow about 2 hours. The ride may stop for 5-10 minutes along the way, but otherwise, be prepared for a continuous ride. These rides happen rain, wind, or sunshine! Bring a functioning road bike (full fenders are appreciated on damp days), helmet, water, some food, weather-appropriate clothing, a little money, and an extra tube in case you flat.


2016 STP with Team Group Health

Team Group Health helped out our title sponsor, Group Health, pull off another successful STP.

Bailey Coerver, Nikki Mohrbacher, Stacy Munn, and Karen Wilkinson made the 206 mile trek in a one-day STP to arrive in Portland on Saturday.  After a nice recovery night they were up on the finish line along with Renae Smith and the rest of the Group Health Marketing team to welcome finishers to the park and provide them with give aways and pictures to document their accomplishment.

The ride was an excellent team effort with the weather cooperating by providing pleasant temperatures and just enough sun and wind to make it a great training ride.  It was definitely a long training ride, but we worked together and made a lot of friends along the way that helped take some pulls. We met up multiple times with Group Health CEO Scott Armstrong and his crew of cyclists supporting the cause as we passed by them after a few of the food and rest stops.  It is always so fun to see thousands of cyclists of all ages and capabilities out there enjoying the ride.

stp 2016

Team Group Health fitting helmets at the Bikes for Kids Event

On July 9th, members of Team Group Health (Lizzy Baker, Laura Fife, and Lee Smith) represented our sponsor, Group Health, at the STAR 101.5 Bikes for Kids event. The radio station is giving bikes to deserving kids as part of their Summer of Bikes event, and Group Health was there to give away high-quality Bell and Giro helmets to every child who needed one. Team members fit helmets to each child, and handed out Group Health “Ouch Pouches,” which were a big hit with kids and parents alike. The kids all went away with smiles on their faces, in some cases still wearing their shiny new helmets.


We were also interviewed on STAR 101.5 about how to properly fit a helmet. Read all about the 5-Step Helmet Fit Test




lee and lizzy helmet fitting


lee, laura, lizzy helmets


The Ride for Major Taylor

Team Group Health joined the Cascade Bicycle Club at their Ride for Major Taylor last Saturday, April 16th, 2016.  The Major Taylor Project is in its 9th year and reaching more students than ever!  With the partnership of Group Health Cooperative and Team Group Health, the Project will expand to its sixteenth School this fall!

The Major Taylor Project (MTP) is a year-round, youth development cycling program produced by the Cascade Bicycle Club Diversity and Inclusion department, integrating bicycling, healthy living, bicycle maintenance, road safety awareness and the importance of working toward individual goals. MTP is focused on introducing youth from diverse communities to recreational cycling and creating an inclusive culture of bicycling. MTP uses the bicycle to help students expand their worldview and encourages them to explore the agency they have to change themselves and their communities.


Women’s Road Racing Skills Clinic!


When: Saturday, February 20th, 10 AM-2 PM
Where: Pacific Raceways racetrack, 31001 144th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042
Who: New and experienced Cat4 road racers, collegiate racers, riders interested in learning skills and exploring racing, Cat3 racers wanting to hone skills
Learn basic bike handling, pack riding, cornering, and sprinting! Practice racing in a controlled environment with experienced upper-category racers providing instruction and mentoring!


Recovery for Masters Athletes, MD Endurance Coaching

As competitive cyclists striving to improve our performance, our brains tend to focus on the “pushing hard” part — the spirited team rides, the intense hill-climbing training, and of course the races themselves. But how well are we using our time off the bike to boost what we can do on the bike? And as we get older, how can we keep our bodies strong and our times fast?

Our teammate and sponsor Marsa Daniel, owner of MD Endurance Coaching, is an expert on athletes’ performance AND recovery, especially when it comes to cyclists and rowers. She offered some great tips and inspiration at a  seminar attended by a number of TGH’ers, stressing that our bodies’ ability to recover from a hard effort can be just as important as the hard effort itself. Efficient recovery becomes even more important for masters athletes, as our metabolism slows and our muscle mass decreases.

Muscle mass! That’s Marsa’s No. 1 tip for older athletes. Increased muscle mass does lots of things for us during recovery, from kicking metabolism up a few notches to slowing the effects of aging and promoting brain health. So the older racers among us should be carving out time to hit the gym for some quality strength work, especially during the off-season.

Marsa also described individual metabolic types, and how that should affect each racer’s approach to recovery (see her website for details).

Other tips:

 Manage stress.

 Cut down on sugar.

 Sleep (well) for 8+ hours — our bodies do lots of things during sleep that boost

recovery, so this is essential.

 Address nutritional deficiencies.

 Understand fats, and make sure you’re getting enough of the omega-3 variety.

She also reminded us to eat breakfast (a nutritious breakfast!), never get too hungry, eat protein consistently, limit alcohol and caffeine, choose pasture-raised foods to help reduce inflammation — and be sure to laugh and have fun.

Teammates came away with a wealth of ideas and resolutions.

“I have been thinking that I need to work on my strength more than I have in the past few years. This talk really highlighted to me that it’s even more essential now,” says Rosemarie Schmidt.

“I’m digging out my omega-3 oil as it has been hiding away in the refrigerator, I will be taking that more often! “ vows Amanda Anttila

Faye Christenberry noted that getting stronger and staying healthy is definitely harder to do as she gets older. “Marsa’s talk not only made me feel like it is still possible to improve, but she also gave us a lot of useful information on how to achieve it. Great motivation to start!”

Evidence of that great motivation: For dinner the night after Marsa’s talk, Paula Froke went for salmon and a double serving of broccoli (both rich in omega-3 fats) while sadly skipping the potatoes and wine (killers for sugar-burners like her). Later that night, she followed Marsa’s advice to not check her phone or computer in the last hour before bed, and read rather than watch TV. Anything to boost a good night’s sleep!



Marsa offers a variety of coaching services. Talk with her or see her website for details.